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Documents Required

Document Required for Self Drive

Document Required for self drive

Please send your below photo copies to our official Whatsapp number (9962227523)  for proof verification..

1. Indian Driving License
2. Age should be more than 21
3. Aadhar card
4. Company id card picture
5.Passport or Bike is mandatory for security holdings (For Costly vehicles Both the items are applicable)
6.For employees you should provide your email id (eg.if Valeo Ur [email protected] id)official for OTP verification.
We will be triggering the OTP on email subject itself ,so that you can view the OTP without opening the email(we understand the corporate company email policies)
7.For business people we need your business with positive reviews in Google  and you have to submit the cheque leaf signed along with your GST or Bank statement
Cars will not be provided for UG students
Please carry the above mentioned originals at the time of car delivery.
More over car is not provided on the basis of unlimited km ,we limit the usage by 300 KM’s per day extra KM’s charges will be calculated as per the model of the car.

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