How to earn money online – Top 10 ways to make Rs 1,00,000/- in India in 30 days

Make Money Online – Top 10 ways on how to earn money online that works (2020)

#1. Starting a Blog

#2. Affiliate Marketing

#3. Freelancing

#4. Shopify

#5. InstaGram Influencer

#6. Start a Profitable Youtube Channel

#7. Amazon FBA

#8. Sell online courses

Further more how to start all those above content all you need to do is the quick subscription of this website and follow our blogs.


I will be posting the Blogs detailing the 8 Tips shortly


Starting a blog was the best decision of my life.

Today 90% of my monthly income comes from blogging.

As of now, i have more than 10+ websites , driving in total around 3,000,000 visitors/month and making me 25 Lacs-30 Lacs each month.

You can start a blog about any topic: be it guitar, dogs, cooking and anything else.

Whatever excites you or whatever you are passionate about. Just like a YouTube channel, once you start getting traffic to your blog , you can make money by doing sponsored post, showing ads on your sites, selling

  • Initial Investment: Rs 2,000-5,000/-

  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start

  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day

  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-1 Lac/month

  • Step-1:  Find the availability of your desired domain name by using the domain search above. Your domain name could be like, etc etc.

  • Step-2: Purchase the siteground hosting with domain name. Although there are many other hostings like Godaddy , Hostgatoretc, but over the years, siteground has given me the best performance and now all my sites are hosted on siteground.

  • Step-3: Also check out various other amazing tools that helps me in building a beautiful and profitable site in our blogging tools section.

  • Step-4: Make sure you join our FREE digital marketing course to learn all about building, driving traffic and then ultimately monetizing your blog. Over 10,000 people have taken this same exact course.

  • Step-5: Now its time to write high quality articles on your site about the niche of your website. So lets say if your website is about Guitar then some articles might be “How to learn guitar”, and “What are guitar chords” etc etc. So make a list of 20-30 such questions that you think a beginner or a newbie guitarist might face. You can also check other guitar related websites for some inspiration.

  • Step-6: Try to maintain a schedule. So make sure you are adding atleast 2-3 articles each week. Also each must be high quality, easy to understand (add examples, images , videos etc ),  atleast 2000 word long, and it should be comprehensive and must cover everything about the title of the article.

  • Step-7: Make sure you also promote each article. Promotion of your articles is as important as adding new articles. You can share the article on social media , Guest post on other guitar related blogs, join and promote guitar related Facebook groups etc.

  • Step-8: Do no think about adding advertisements like Google adsense when you start the blog. Add atleast 20-30 high quality articles and only then apply for google adsense.

  • Step-9: Learn everything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are enough video about this on Youtube. SEO is vital for the success of your blog. SEO is all about driving traffic from Google by getting your article in Google search results for your target search queries.

  • Step-10: After 3 months of consistent work, you can then start adding Ads, products, affiliate offers to make money fro your blog. The best part is that even in your sleep you will be making money. For example: even if i go for a one month long vacation, i will make the same amount of money each month just because my websites are working on autopilot. Thats the power of blogging 🙂


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