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Toyota’s Cross Yaris – Top 5 exterior highlights

Toyota’s Cross Yaris – Top 5 exterior highlights

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a hybrid crossover that was recently unveiled online and will only go on sale in 2021. It makes use of the carmaker’s fourth generation hybrid technology, which is already in use in the RAV4, Corolla and the camry. This hybrid 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine is rated at 116bhp, but what’s more interesting is its cosmetic appearance. Let’s take a look at the top five highlights.

1. Larger and Longer

This compact SUV is 4,180mm long, 1,765mm wide and 1,560mm tall.

2. Looks of a hatch

Cars nose appears to be different than its sibling featuring a smaller grille and a smoother bumper.

3. Special cladding

Besides, the special treatment car


receives is rightly shown on its side profile. It gets a rugged SUV appearance thanks to the special cladding surrounding the wheels. Apart from these large squared-off wheel arches, the car also gets a black cladding on the lower edges.


4. Sculpted back

Even round at the back, there are sculpted and bulging lines as seen on the smaller Yaris. What’s more, it also gets a power back door and sports an adjustable deck height.

5. Dual tone

And finally to further distinguish the crossover version from the hatchback, it boasts of a dual tone appearance. This is thanks to a black roof that contrasts well with the specially-created brass gold exterior paint.