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A Road Trip from Chennai to Hyderabad.

A Road Trip from Chennai to Hyderabad.

Chennai to Hyderabad Road Trip

One of the top most initiative rather than any other self drive rental cars in chennai do is ,Lionea Rentals offered a chauffeur to drop the Hyderabad Techie’s to their home town for some medical emergencies.

As part of this biggest road trip I request every other self driven cars in chennai should take the pledge in honoring our customers and their request to drop them in various location of India.

Rather than income we feel literally very proud for taking this opportunity to help a needy.


Precautionary and interesting ailments they carry during this journey

  • They are carrying a face mask , sanitizer and Hand gloves for all the three who is travelling.

  • They do take a additional fuel can of about 35 litres in surplus , note we never know what could be the situation if vehicle drain out of fuel owning to this lockdown.

  • Food Items and juices sachets packed for their whole journey.

  • Our safety SOS technology inside the vehicle helps in ensuring the safety aspects as they travelling from state to state.

  • We planned the route via google maps and set progress kms for each hour.(55kms per hour)

  • Advised not to drive on nights ,as there were no vehicle moments on the highway there could be possible kettle accidents .

  • Finally a pen drive with more than 100 albums to play music

Map of the Route till their destination from chennai

Travel Dairies

The reckless years of one’s 20s are perhaps the most illuminating. There’s plenty to be learnt, a bevy of experiences that temper you into the man/woman you will become. But as you reach the respectable figure of 30, there is an air of nostalgia of leaving your youthful days behind. Hence, as the number of candles on my birthday cake were about to cross 30, my mind started wandering and I started looking for ways to etch a permanent mark on my life. I was struck by wanderlust and all I wanted to do was get out of my comfort zone.The answer came almost immediately – a road trip.


I know it could be very hard on road ,but there comes a point on my mind.

                      Together we rise 

Have a safe journey bro’s ,No Hindu ,No muslin,No Christian its one word now a “humans.”


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