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Additional plus of Renting a Self-Drive Car

Additional plus of Renting a Self-Drive Car

Additional Benefits in Renting a Self-Drive Car

Road Trips are rapidly increasing after the covid-19 situation and its becoming a favorite this holiday season. After spending months cooped up in our homes, a scenic drive up the hills or down the beach is sure to give our body and soul a good stretch! . Driving with our loved ones with lovable music gives a great pleasure than any other things in the world. It is also a great way to spend some quality time with family, without spending much money.

Particularly for the people in Chennai ,we have a lovable scenic road view in east coast road having cool breezy wind along with scenic beach view. There are many car rental service in Chennai which offers you the car on Hourly, weekly and monthly basis to enjoy with your loved ones at very less cost.

An adventurous road trip requires the perfect car with good condition, and the trend is to do an online car booking with self drive car rental services in Chennai, get a car on rent and drive off to desired locations. There are several benefits to renting a self-drive car. We have listed out a few for you:

1. Cost-Effective:

We have all suffered from high rates of taxis and rental services during rush hour and even daily rentals cost a bomb. In contrast, renting a car is a far more budget friendly alternative. It is also more convenient as you get your desired car at the right price with assistance, whenever required. If you’re planning a long-distance journey or are travelling for longer periods, rent a self-drive car to make the trip more economical. We have a reward point system with Lionea rentals one of the best car rental service in Chennai, which help in reducing more money.

2. Safe & Hygienic:

Today, safety is a major concern for all of us. Face Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing norms for a ‘new normal’ requires us to be extra careful, even when we’re on vacation.

Renting a car will ensure that you have your personal, sanitized vehicle with you at all times. Today, almost all rental services are providing sanitized self-drive cars on rent so you can commute worry-free.


3. Freedom & Flexibility:

If you like driving and when you’re on the wheel in a car of your choice, even a tedious business trip can become an ethereal experience! When you rent a self-drive car, you can choose to take any route you like, discover hidden paths and trails and enjoy the journey at your own pace. It gives you autonomy, rarely found in other modes of travel.

4. Convenience:

Renting a car is as easy as booking a cab. You can get an online car booking in minutes and get your desired car delivered to your doorstep! Moreover, you get extra services like assistance, a sanitized vehicle and autonomy. There are many cars for self-drive available and you can choose from a variety of options, instead of being ‘stuck’ with a company provided cab.

Take a short trip out of the city or go on a full-fledged expedition, a self-drive rental car will give you all the fun and privacy at the right price. Give yourself an experience and rent your favorite car for your next road trip!

5. No ‘Driver’ Hassle & Privacy:

Privacy in a road trip is a valid concern today in view of the pandemic. In a self-drive car, that worry goes out the window! You can have a relaxed drive with the right music, in the right company and you cover the distance at your own pace; rest when tired, drive whenever you like.

There is ample space &. safety for your luggage so you don’t need to worry about carrying valuables. In self drive cars, you don’t encounter any driver related issues. This is what makes a pleasurable yet safe driving experience. So, blast your tunes and sing along, without worrying about disturbing the driver or worrying about where to drop your belongings before going sightseeing.



Goodyear Is Using Data, Artificial Intelligence And Digital Twins To Create The Tyres Of The Future

The way we drive is changing. Globally, trends like urbanization, carpooling, and eventually, autonomous vehicles will mean that the demands we place on our vehicles will change, too. To meet this challenge, the design and function of every vehicular part must be re-imagined to fit these needs, and this includes the tire.

Goodyear is a world-leading supplier of tires for cars as well as every type of commercial, industrial and agricultural vehicle. The US manufacturer has built its reputation by leading the development of tire technology since the late 19th century. Here in the 21st century, it is still applying cutting-edge tech, including artificial intelligence (AI) to stay ahead of the competition.

The reasoning here is that, as cars become more electric and automated and less reliant on moving parts, the seemingly low-tech tire is an element where innovation can constantly bring benefits. It is one of the increasingly-few parts that still need routine maintenance and regular replacement. In an ideal world, it is also one of the few external parts that should come into contact with any physical object. This means it has access to a virtual “sensory faculty” – the sense of touch.

Goodyear CTO Chris Helsel explained to me that this was the jumping-off point, several years ago now, for a rethink of how the tire could become a more “intelligent” component – performing its duty more efficiently, while also helping to build a better understanding of what happens when the rubber meets the road.  

He said, “We started thinking about how we can make the tires a more permanent structure for a vehicle through its life – and that was kind of the genesis behind this concept of the ReCharge.”

The concept tire – initially scheduled to be unveiled to the world at the canceled Geneva International Motor Show in March – uses AI to monitor and learn from driver behavior. Over its lifetime, it dispenses a synthetic material inspired by the carbon structure of spider silk, to alter the composition of the tire, adapting it to suit the way the vehicle is driven.

70% in Indian Traffic keen on subscription-based vehicle ownership: Deloitte study finds

While 38% of consumers intend to postpone the car purchase an equal number of consumers also intend to pre-schedule their car purchase indicating demand prevails

A new study confirms that 70percent of Indian patrons are willing to try subscription-based ownership and servicing of different models from the same brand. Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study 2021 states that the emerging trend, at the back of the pandemic which has left them more cost-conscious, is seen the highest among Indian consumers, followed by China and the Republic of Korea. With 37 percent of consumers planning to buy a car in India much earlier than planned, a subscription model is a viable option for the consumer, OEMs as well as distributors indicating greater demand for mobility options in the marketplace.

The study, in its 12th year, provides insights from 24,000 consumers across 23 countries on how they feel about electric vehicles, vehicle purchasing, financing, and more. According to the study, Indian consumers have altered their timeline for acquiring a new vehicle and are willing to consider more affordable options. Now people are in the Mind set of Renting the car or choosing the Option of Hassle free rental car or self driving car rentals 


Shift in consumer mindset

Shifts in consumer mindset show them rethinking about not only their next vehicle purchase but also what type of vehicle they will buy next. Timelines for acquiring their next vehicle vary greatly across the world and approximately one-third of consumers in India (38 percent) plan on delaying their next vehicle purchase and 65 percent of consumers intend to acquire a less expensive vehicle indicating a downside demand risk in the country.

Newer financing options emerging and over 50 percent of Indian consumers would like to go for early termination as an option for vehicle finance accounts.


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