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Terms and Condition

Rental Terms and Condition

1) Rental Car to be returned clean (no garbage). If returned dirty, RS500 charge, and RS3000 cleaning fee for smoke or ash odors.

2) Self Driven Cars to be driven on paved roads only. RS450 inspection and cleaning fee for vehicles driven off paved roads.

3) Flat tires caused by road hazards are the renter’s responsibility. If renter gets a flat tire, call owner for instructions.

4) Renter is responsible to water levels in vehicle engine. If engine fails due to non-maintenance of rentals cars fluid levels the renter will be liable for repairs .Vehicle is completely inspected before car delivery.

5) If vehicle overheats, renter must immediately turn it off and contact owner. Failure to do so will make customer fully liable for repair costs.

6) Parking tickets and tolls are the renter’s responsibility.

7) Rental cars to be returned to specified location by date and time specified. There is no grace period on vehicle return. Any Vehicle returned after the indicated return time will be charged to renter at the maximum daily rate. Please do call us and Confirm the charges for using extra hours

8) Car should not be subleased to any other third parties

9) Car will be monitored using navigation. Any malpractice and car location at non notified trip location will be subjected to Severe legal actions against the submitted original proofs.

10) Rented vehicle has the speed limit of 110 km/h if it exceeds each app alarm will be charged 100rs

11) Any damage to the car will be repaired only in the corresponding authorized dealership

12) Insurance will not be provided for the damages less than 1lakh Rupee

13) Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking inside the cars. Sensors inside the cars will stop the car’s ignition so that you cannot start the car until the effect of alcohol goes out of sensors.

14) Any damage or issues on road should be intimated immediately to the below numbers.


15) If fuel level gets reduced below the provided level will be charged extra.

16) If fuel level is more than the provided level will not be refunded, so please make sure that you are refilling the fuel based on your need.

17) So that you will be guided to complete the legal formalities in the incident spot

18) ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS, for the last minute cancellation with our selfdrivencars policy


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