Privacy Policy

1. Kindly return the vehicle in a clean condition, free from any spills or garbage. Failure to comply will result in a fee of RS500. Additionally, smoking or any lingering ash odors will incur a cleaning fee of RS3000.

2. We request that you drive only on safe and properly paved roads. In the event that you venture onto unpaved or muddy roads, an inspection and cleaning fee of RS750 will be applied if any dirt, sand, or mud is found inside the car.

3. Should you encounter a flat tire during your rental period, it is your responsibility to arrange for its repair. For assistance, please contact the owner at 9962227523 or 9962027523.

4. To prevent engine failure, please ensure that the water levels in the vehicle engine are properly maintained. Any necessary repairs resulting from negligence in this regard will be the customer's liability.

5. In the event of the vehicle overheating, it is imperative to immediately turn off the engine and inform the owner. Failure to take immediate action will make you liable for any resulting repairs.

6. The customer is solely responsible for any parking tickets or toll charges incurred during the rental period.

7. Please return the vehicle to the designated location within the specified time. Late returns will be subject to charges at the maximum daily rate. For information regarding charges for exceeding the rental period, kindly contact the owner.

8. Subleasing the car to third parties is strictly prohibited.

9. The car will be monitored using navigation technology, and any deviation from the identified trip location or suspected malpractice will be treated as theft.

10. The maximum speed limit for the rented vehicle is 110 km/hr. Exceeding this limit will result in a charge of RS100.

11. In the event of any damage to the car, repairs should only be carried out at authorized dealerships.

12. Please note that damages below 1 lakh rupees will not be covered by insurance unless an insurance pack subscription has been purchased.

13. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited inside the car. The car is equipped with sensors that will prevent ignition if alcohol is detected.

14. Immediate reporting of any damages or issues to the owner is essential. Please contact the owner at 9962227523 or 9962027523.

15. When returning the vehicle, please ensure that the fuel level matches the provided level. Refunds will not be issued for any excess fuel.

16. Last-minute cancellations are non-refundable.

17. This contract is subject to final audit and charges as determined by the owner.

18. Fastag should be recharged on your own, company will not be responsible for the balance and negative payments in the fastag